Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GradientMaster v1.0.0

I was bored one day and decided to automate the trial and error process of creating gradient fills in C#.NET code. This stupid little application was the result, but it works! It lets you define the start and stop colors and generates the code required to perform the fill. Full C# source code and executable are included. Just copy the ZIP file anywhere on your computer and extract it. I am too lazy to write a setup program for this, and if you are a programmer that can't unzip and run a file manually, well, you probably don't need this program :-)

Download Gradient Master

Multiconnect v1.0.0

Most of us would like to combine two or more internet connections and enjoy greater bandwidth. One-way of doing this is to buy the right hardware. The drawback being, hardware is exuberantly priced and the cost keeps rising exponentially in proportion to the number of connections that need to be combined. The other way, the cheaper way, is to use MultiConnect.

MultiConnect works with most broadband and dial-up connections (examples ADSL, Cable, Wireless, Satellite, and SDSL), you can even use gateways. When you combine your internet connections with MultiConnect you will see great improvement in speed while surfing multiple website. You will experience increased bandwidth while downloading from multiple locations with a download manger or while downloading multiple files from different locations. Maximum benefit is seen while downloading torrents with many seeds. You will not notice increased bandwidth while downloading a single file from one location. You gain all this while saving loads of money that would otherwise be spent on hardware.

MultiConnect has a simplistic interface with on the fly help that can be switched on or off. You can even change the look of MultiConnect to suit your needs. Font, font size, font color, style of font excreta can be changed. Other than this, the best part being, you can combine your connections with just a few clicks. For advance users there’s an option to add internet IP addresses, you wish to combine, manually. This feature can also be used to give priority to one connection over others by adding it manually more times.

Download MultiConnect demo from our download section and give it a try, you will not be disappointed. The demo allows you to combine two internet connections, has a nag screen and can be used 30 times. You can get rid of these restrictions by investing a little money to obtain the full version of MultiConnect. If you register before downloading MultiConnect and agree to receive offers, you could become a licensed user of the full version for a smaller investment. Some randomly picked registered users who agree to receive mails from us are offered discounts of up to 50%.

Please mail us suggestions or features that you would like to see implemented in future versions of MultiConnect. Also feel free to mail us about software you would like and feel others would like to see as well. We will do our best in meeting your requirements.

Download Multiconnect v1.0.0

WeFi v3.8.3

WeFi enables reliable connection to Wi-Fi wherever wireless networks are available, and helps keep you connected to the fastest most reliable network around. Wefi users can move between open Wi-Fi networks automatically, without having to manually choose or click around between new networks. WeFi users can monitor approved friends' online status and location, and know the proximity of neighboring WeFi users who allow it, chat with them, and make new friends of your online neighbors. WeFi hotspot directory will help you find a wireless network to connect to anywhere around the world, provided by our global mapping project of Wefi users. Each of over 380,000 mapped hotspots has a Spotpage on with a map and other details about its location and connectivity. Spyware free, available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows CE and Mac OS.

Download WeFi v3.8.3

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