Saturday, December 19, 2009

USB Personalizer

Custom USB is an application designed to change the look of your USB, and even Windows, this allows you to change funds and icons of the folders in your USB, the icon and the name of your USB and icons and Windows folders.

Unlike other applications, this allows you to use as icon files. "Exe" and images instead of files. "Ico", this is a very convenient tabbed interface and is very simple.

Changes in this version:

* Minor changes in interface
* Optimized speed boot
* New Tab "Files"
* Advertising removed


* Small and portable you can take anywhere
* Safe and 100% free of adware
* Simple interface
* Customize the icon on your device
* Customize the background and color of the letters in folders on your device and Windows
* Customize the icon of the folders on your device and Windows
* Allows to remove the icons from your device and Windows
* Allows you to use as icon files. Exe and images
* Preview changes are showed on the interface program
* Loading the customizations done at the interface
* Compatible with Windows 7
* Restart the Windows Explorer to try to make changes inmediatly
* Modifies the hard drives
* Allows you to handle the hidden files in memory


Windows: Xp/Vista/7

.Net Framework 2.0 or higher

Download USB Personalizer V5.00

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